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The Innovation hive relationships and process

So how do I use this web site?

This video shows you how to make a submission using this site. It will show you how to prepare, how to make a submission, and how Innovation hive will communicate with you during the process. You can find further information and advice using the link below.

This video lasts 16 minutes, has no sound and is available as a .flv file (Flash), or a .mv4 file for iPhones and iPads.

Instructions and advice

Innovation hive introduction

How Innovation hive works

Once you register to access the site, you can tell us some basic information about your product; for example, why you think it’s innovative, it's cost and material, where it’s manufactured etc. This information will be reviewed by a selected group of Sainsbury’s partners, and finally passed onto decision makers. If you really have a product that can make a positive difference to the stores we build, we will ask for some more detailed information via Innovation hive, and your product could soon be used to help Sainsbury’s develop its stores.
By using your log-on you can check your submissions progress through Sainsbury's approval process, and we will let you know when decisions have been made.

How will we use your information

Innovation hive will ask for the minimum information possible to create a personal login, and to allow Sainsbury’s to make direct contact should your submission be successful. This information will not be used for any other purpose, or passed onto any third party. This site does use cookies to manage component data and security, but does not track your internet use or pass this onto any other sites or vendors. Innovation hive will not directly influence any other internet searches you may make!

All communication will be handled through the Innovation hive, and your email will not be exposed to any other party or to Sainsburys colleagues unless your submission is successful.

Register here

Sainsburys needs your innovation.

Innovation hive is a joint venture between Sainsbury’s and its main contractors. Sainsbury’s recognises that tackling issues such as climate change involves working both upstream in its supply chains and downstream with customers. On the issue of carbon reduction we are working hard to reduce our operational footprint by improving the energy efficiency of stores and the distribution network and by increasing the amount of renewable energy used. We are also working hard to ensure we develop new space in the most economically and environmentally efficient way possible.

So here is your chance to help us make a difference!

If you are involved in the construction supply chain, and think you have a product or component that can help us reduce our impact on the environment by reducing carbon, or improving the efficiency of our developments, the Innovation hive will give you direct access to decision makers within Sainsbury’s.